Mansell  principal
and artist/educator


Arthur (Mickey) Meads 
and artist/designer

Alice Mansell
is a widely exhibited artist in Canada and internationally, practicing for more than two decades.  Her studio practice including painting, multi media and digital installations derive from an ongoing engagement with the images and stories that define us as individuals and as communities.

Her practice as an artist has uniquely enabled her to develop learning models that take advantage of the multimodal universe now available in classrooms and online.  In particular the design of new media, interdisciplinary, and integrated programs and learning designs have been used in universities and colleges across the country.

Her unique processes enable colleagues at all levels to learn to improve their achievement of personal and organizational goals.  These processes are the product of more than 25 years of experience leading the development of innovative programs, facilities and systems in universities and colleges across Canada. 

Professor Mansell has served in positions ranging from Faculty member, Assistant Dean, Department Chair, Vice President Academic, and President, and now as Principal of the Mansell Design Group.  She is also co-principal of Leading by Design.

As Chair of Visual Arts at University of Western Ontario from 1987-94, she was responsible for the development a highly acclaimed graduate and growth of an undergraduate program, and the building of the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre.  As President of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, she led the development of the New Media Centre Initiative in collaboration with Industry, University, Government and Private partners.

As founding Vice President Academic of the Technical University of British Columbia from1998 to 2002 she led the design, accreditation, development and implementation of innovative online and on site graduate and undergraduate programs, recruitment and development of faculty and learning staff, and recruitment of learners.

She has served on key national boards and committees: Chair of the eLearning and eContent committees and Board of CANARIE, and on the Canadian Culture Online Program, focussed on providing increased access to educational and cultural resources and markets.

Alice brings years of experience of implementing change projects coupled with a deep understanding of the diverse perspectives and attitudes that must be enabled in complex post secondary environments.  Her continuing practice as an artist involved with new media supports the uniquely effective digital and face to face tools that are her signature.